24 Hour Claims Service

MC Carroll can help you with every step of the claims process. The right time to make a claim is immediately, or as soon as you are able.

Let Your Broker Know As Soon As Possible
If you or another party is in immediate danger, your first priority is to ensure everyone is safe and limit the damage to your property as best as you can (if possible). When all parties are safe, contact your broker or your insurance company’s toll free number. In the event of property damage, do not alter any of the premises. If you must alter something, take photos of the damage first.

Should You Make A Claim?
Not all situations are beneficial for making a claim. Here are some questions to help you decide if making a claim is the best course of action:

  • Is it covered? Your policy includes coverage limits and exclusions that could cause some losses to not be covered. Ask your broker first.
  • Is the loss less than the deductible? If not, you cannot make a claim.
  • Is the loss only slightly more than the deductible? If so, you may not want to make a claim as your premiums may increase. It may be more cost effective to not make a claim. Ask your broker for advice.

Work with Us and the Claims Adjuster
When you do make a claim, your insurance company may appoint an adjuster to evaluate the circumstances and extent of the loss. Adjusters have a role to play in assessing the value of the loss and in recommending who should be involved to assist you with repairs, as an example. If you have questions about this, please speak to your MC Carroll broker.

After Hours Claim Numbers
MC Carroll works with the following companies and provides these 1-800 numbers for any after-hours claims information that may be required.

Wawanesa Insurance – 1-800-641-7988
Travellers Insurance – 1-800-661-5522
Echelon Insurance – 1-866-931-0570